Emily Setina wins 1st Annual Marianne Moore Essay Prize


We are pleased to announce that the first Annual Marianne Moore Essay Prize goes to EMILY SETINA, of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for her essay “Marianne Moore’s Postwar Fables and the Politics of Indirection,” PMLA 131.5 (October 2016): 1256-1273.

The award is accompanied by a check in the amount of $500.

Judges Statement:

We have selected Emily Setina’s groundbreaking  “Marianne Moore’s Postwar Fables and the Politics of Indirection” as the winner for 2016. The essay focuses on an important but rarely discussed part of Moore’s corpus, her translations of The Fables of La Fontaine, and reads them in the light of her wartime and postwar poetry, and her conversations with contemporaries about how to respond to the international crisis. The essay stands out for its innovative historical and biographical research, its cogent analysis, and its significance for both Moore scholars and readers of modern poetry more broadly.

—Prof. Bonnie Costello (Boston University) and Prof. Cristanne Miller (SUNY Buffalo)


Congratulations to all entrants on their excellent contributions to Moore studies.


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