Moore Reads “Bird-witted”


This video was forwarded by Patricia Willis. It was featured as the Video of the Day for October 19, 2015 on the Washington Post’s Doonesbury site.

For some additional entertainment, you might compare the published poem to Youtube’s automatic audio captioning, which renders the opening of the poem as follows:

bird wicked will
emotion wide pen going on the three largest
fledging mockingbirds below the pussy willow tree
then in a row Wiens cutting feebly some
jealousy there are no longer larger mother bringing something which were
see you want them toward the high key
intermittent squeak unbroken carries spring
made by 3 similar meet
coated Birds Eye focal form she come and when
from the beach golan the still living beetle has dropped down
she picked it up and put it in again standing in the shade
to allay have drenched the thickly filament in pale pussy willow surface
codes they spread tail and wings
showing one by one the modernist
whites stride link fires on the tail and cross one
underneath the win and the accordion is closed again



One thought on “Moore Reads “Bird-witted”

  1. Peter Madden

    their seems to be a large discrepancy between what the poet says and what is written . Least of all the word”Modernist” is spoken as “modest”


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